My Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

I was chilling in my room thinking about what I was going to write about. Then it hit me, I haven’t told you about my big make up milestone.

I am now a proud owner of a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick!

Ben and I went to London for our 9th anniversary for a mooch around. It had been a while since both of us had been to London and with the weather being so nice it was the perfect day for a spot of shopping. While wandering the streets of Convert Garden we found the Charlotte Tilbury Shop and I was a little embarrassing for 30 seconds. So after I had composed myself we went in and I was just completely overwhelmed. I would say it’s the same feeling  children get while having free reign in a sweet shop.

Some of you might not think this is not a big deal but I have wanted something from the Charlotte Tilbury collection for a while, I just didn’t know what I wanted to order.The main reason I just didn’t order something from her collection online was, it’s like buying chanel online it’s just not the same as going in to the shop.

The whole point of buying something from these high-end brands is the experience, walking in to the shop, and taking your time to look at every product. Unfortunately I had Ben with me at this point so I decided finding that perfect shade of lipstick was a realistic goal.

I was pretty good considering-

I went along the beautifully packaged lipsticks, each one covered in a rose gold plated case. I tested a few colours on my hand. I was mainly looking for a spring/summer shade that I could wear daily but a colour that I could also wear if I was going out in the evening.

The shade I chose was Amazing Grace and I’m obsessed with it. These Lipsticks are so long lasting and I also love the matte affect, which means it doesn’t come off on to your clothes and doesn’t leave kiss marks on your boyfriend’s face.




Disney Day!

Good evening Ladies and Gents now I have just got back from my first ever day over, yes I’m calling it a day over. When you were younger you would get to have sleepovers most weekends with your school friends. This usually involves eating a load of food, watching chick flicks or if your being brave, a horror film. Then because your young you stay up all night talking about random topics and fall in and out of sleep till 4am.


Now being in my mid twenties sleepovers now consist of getting very drunk,putting a load of make up while taking at least twenty selfies before you leave the house.Then dance until the early hours of the morning, stumble into the nearest dirty chicken shop to then walk home with my chicken in one hand and my heels in the other.


Due to working in retail I don’t get to do that very often because otherwise I end up going to work the next day feeling pretty rough and extremely hungover. So my friends and I decided why not have a girlie day watching our favourite Disney films in our Disney themed pj’s. Painting each others nails and eating a ton of junk food while also wearing tiara’s.Basically an out fashioned girlie sleepover but during the day.

So here is the things you need for the perfect day over.

  • Disney pj’s
  • Tiara’s 
  • Crisps, chocolate, pop corn, cookies or Easter eggs 
  • Breakfast,Lunch or Dinner (depending on what time your day starts)
  • Juice or fizzy or Tea/coffee
  • Disney DVD collection
  • Iphone for pictures
  • Face Masks (preferably peel off) so you don’t have to get up during a film.
  • A snuggle blanket

You can obviously do whatever you want at a day over but here are some of the things we got up to today.

  • Go shopping for supplies (Food,Face masks, Tiara’s)
  • Change in to pj’s and order Pizza
  • Deciding the first Disney film (Most crucial part of the day) we were able to watch three which were- The little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. 
  • Apply face masks
  • Sing along to all the songs
  • Get emotional for the intense scenes
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Paint Nails
  • Discuss Favourite Disney Characters
  • Laugh a lot
  • Eat a lot of Junk food

I hope you enjoyed reading about our Disney themed day as much as we did doing it and if you’re a Disney fan why not plan your own.




The Happiness Planner

IMG_3221 (1)

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been a crazy few weeks and I’ll be honest, I’ve had to have a few days hiding under my bed with a Disney film or two. Unfortunately for my bank account I’ve still been using my phone for online retail therapy. Now I don’t think I have ever talked about the Happiness Planner before, so I’ll give you a small introduction to it- This planner for starters is gorgeously presented in a matching protective case. Before you get to your daily planning, your book wants to know a bit more about you and how you see yourself. Your strengths, your weaknesses, your frustrations. This book is designed to adapt your mindset from a negative mind to a positive one. I’m also hoping it will improve my planning skills and keep me on the track with future goals. I know it’s a big responsibility for a planner, but the only person who is stopping me from being happy is myself. So this is my way of fighting against the voice in my head telling me to hide under the covers and avoid the world.

IMG_3232 (1)

There are a few  planners to chose from, starting from hundred days to one whole year. The books come in three different shades, pink, blue and black  but obviously the year planners become quite pricey. Originally I wanted a year planner but they cost around 45 pounds. So I thought as I’m trying it out anyway I would try the 100 day one which was twenty pounds. IMG_4408 (2)

This is my weekly planner on the left and my Day one on the right. One of my favourite things about this book is each day you are greeted with a positive and uplifting quote. Here is my first one “The best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself. Never stop exploring, learning, experiencing,and becoming a better person every day.”-Mo Seetubtim-            I’m sorry it’s not very exciting but it’s another reason why I bought the planner just so I could plan in all the amazing events happening in my life. Such as going to work or the gym, I do think the most exciting part of my week is uploading a Blog post. 

 It’s too early for me to start recommending it, but if you fancy checking it out for yourself I’ll leave the website below. 

The Happiness Planner


What’s in my make up bag!


Hello everyone,

I was looking through my blog posts today and I have never done a what’s in my make up bag. Which surprises me, as I have a lot of make up.

Over the past year I have gone from always high street and not really knowing anything about make up.

To now not being afraid to ask the silly questions and to ask my friends opinions on their favourite beauty essentials.

So in case you wanted to know mine, here is what’s in my make up bag right now.


  • Benefit Moisturize Triple Performing facial emulsion – I got this sample pot from my sister for Christmas and it’s so good on my skin. It leaves it feeling so soft and it’s a great base before applying my make up thank you Vanna! I’m definitely buying a big pot next month.
  • No7 beautifully matte foundation in the shade cool vanilla- This is the only foundation I will ever wear for the rest of my life it’s amazing! It’s my perfect match! Enough said! If you haven’t already, go in to boots and get matched up.
  • MAC studio fix Powder in shade NW20– This is new to my make up bag, but so far loving it.
  • MAC studio finish concealer in shade NW20- My confidence booster covers up any spots or uneven redness.
  • Revlon highlighting palette in the shade 030 Bronze Glow- Gives my face a bit more definition and a nice glow.
  • Urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray– My friend Hazel told me this needed to be in my make up bag and she was right. My make up lasts a lot longer now and it’s a lot healthier than spraying hairspray on to your face to get your make up to hold.


  • MAC in extreme dimension 3D black lash volume and curl mascara- my mum recently bought me this mascara and it is by far the best mascara I have used. Thank you mum!


  • Nickak New York 24 hour waterproof Eyeliner in the shade NYA41 Dark Brown.– I have been using this everyday since I got it in my February glossy box. I use it on my top and bottom water line, just to give my eyes a more smokey affect.
  • Revlon colour stay 16hour eye shadow palette in the shade 500 Addictive- In the bottom right corner, this is dark brown i use to fill in my eyebrows. It’s the only colour I have found that gives me a more natural brow, I can’t work with the pencils.


  • Rimmel Kate Moss in the shade 30 Rossetto Rouge– Top shade. I love this lipstick!  I’m always picking it up, especially for night’s out. Thank you Lorna for introducing me to it.
  • Chanel Lip Gloss in the shade 106 – Bottom shade. This truly was love at first sight! I didn’t go out looking for this lip gloss, I had orginally chose it for Hazel while she was having her make up done. It’s a gorgeous colour and I think it will be my go to lip gloss for the up coming season.


  • Elizabeth Arden New York  Eight hour cream- I used this on my hands,lips and dry patches on my face. I will forever rave on about this cream it’s amazing! It’s a little pricey but it lasts so long. I’ve always suffer with dry skin and this cream has completely fixed that.

To take off all my makeup I use- Garnier Micellar cleansing water for sensitive skin. – I’m really naughty when it comes to removing my make up. So I decided at the beginning of the year I was going to take better care of my skin. Once your old there really is no going back, the damage will be done so taking care of your skin now is essential. I have enjoyed using this product it’s not harsh on the skin, I feel clean afterwards and it doesn’t make my eyes sore which is a big tick box. Plus look at the size of this bottle I won’t need to buy anymore for a long time.


I hope you enjoyed this and I would love to know what’s in your make up bags right now.



Juice Plus Berry Blend Review

Hello everyone,

My post today is all about juice plus – I first got introduced to juice plus by my brothers girlfriend Jessie. If you’re unsure what juice plus is, this is the despription from the website:

“Juice plus is Next Best Thing To Fruits and Vegetables. Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains. Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat every day.” – Juice Plus website

Now, if you knew Jessie she is beautiful; great hair, great nails and constantly on go, all in between taking care of her horse, personal training and working a 9-5 job. I had to ask Jessie how she wasn’t burnt out in a corner somewhere and she said it was due to her taking juice plus everyday and that I needed to try it for myself. For my age I shouldn’t be coming home from work and falling on the sofa but this is what was happening. I ordered my first batch of berry blast and according to the people that sell juice plus here just a few of the benefits:

  • Healthier hair
  • stronger nails
  • increased energy
  • helps decrease bloating
  • improves skin
  • weight loss aid

Now I’ve been taking juice plus for a whole month now, just so I could really give my honest option on the product. So the two main differences I have noticed in myself

  1. I’m not as tired which meant after a long day at work I still had enough energy to do an hour at the gym.
  2. I’m no where near as bloated as I used to be which again kept my enthusiasm up.

Here is the before juice plus                               Here is the after 4 weeks of juice plus

I think it all depends on the person when it comes to these capsules. If you’re someone that just wants to take these capsules for a quick fix and hope you lose a stone these aren’t for you. But if your going to use them as aid in your lifestyle change then I would highly recommend them. Since I’ve been taking juice plus, I’ve had a lot more energy especially when it comes to working out. I’ve been able to push myself a lot harder which has resulted in me losing eight pounds in the last four weeks. As for hair, nail and eyelash growth I don’t think I’ve been taking them long enough to get the full benefits, if indeed there are any – only time will tell, so I’ve ordered another months batch!

If anyone is interested in trying them for themselves I will leave the website below.

Jessie’s Juice Plus

25 Things I should thank my boyfriend for!



Valentine’s day shouldn’t be the only day we tell our significant others how much we love them and why we love them. However that being said I thought I’d use this time wisely to say a little thank you to my significant other.

Thank you for,

  1.  Always giving me that extra hour to get ready in the morning.
  2. Having pamper days with me and not moaning about it,personally  I think we do it so often now you secretly enjoy it. 
  3. Always making me laugh when I cry during films and wipe away my tears.
  4. Putting up with my ridiculous mood swings, at certain times of the month.
  5. Putting up with me going in to the same shops 3 or 4 times because I can’t decide which top I like more.
  6. Before we moved back home always cooking for us.
  7. Always being really polite to my friends.
  8. Treating my family as you would your own family.
  9. Making the effort to be more spontaneous with me.
  10. Playing with my hair when I have a headache.
  11. Talking to me while I’m in the bath.
  12. Listening to me have a major bitch fit and taking an interest.
  13. Letting me know if I have way to much make up on.
  14. Putting up with me talking in my sleep. 
  15. Always being super supportive if I’m having a low day.
  16. Always holding my hand in big crowds. 
  17. Always being supportive with pretty much everything I do or say I’m going to do.
  18. Always being the calm, laid back one in our relationship.
  19. Not getting mad at me every time I decide to be crazy obsessive about my weight.
  20. Always being the grown up when we go on holiday, especially at the airport. 
  21.  Never walking away from an argument. 
  22.  Always attempting to be romantic.
  23. Never getting mad after finding out how much I’ve spent on beauty supplies.
  24. Running around with me on Christmas day to make sure we have since all three sets of parents.
  25. Always telling me you love me everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Missguided Purchases

It’s my day off and I have essentially wasted the day waiting around for the postman. For some reason, I decided today I wasn’t going to leave the house, without having this parcel in my possession. I feel the main reason, as sad as it was, I wanted to go outside looking stylish in my new clothes. I say that’s sad, but I pretty sure everyone I know does it, they just don’t admit it. However now after running outside to attack the postman. I don’t think I’ll be going out it’s far too cold, and I don’t do cold.

So in stead I thought I would at least show you lovelies what I had bought. I would love to know what you think. As I said before I’m trying to be a little more adventurous with my clothes. I know strips aren’t exactly adventurous. But over time I want to be able to throw random outfits together that might work. In this case I bought these because you always need key pieces to make a nice outfit.

IMG_3954 (2)

I have an obsession with stripes right now and I’ve looked around everywhere mainly online, trying to find a striped styled top. This top also had to have long sleeves and could be dressed up or dressed down.

The tops I have bought are both from Missguided. Now this was a second chance for them, so they could redeem themselves. A few years ago I ordered a dress from them which had arrived with fake tan all over it. This time the items I had ordered were pristine so that was a good start.

Now for some of the main reasons I love this top on my left.

  • The stripes aren’t too thick
  • It doesn’t cling
  • The price! This top was only sixteen pounds.
  • I also love that because it’s quite a plain patterned top, I could be risky and pair it with some of my statement trousers.

Here I’ve just thrown it on with my Topshop high waisted skirt.


Next I know more stripes, Originally I thought this top was grey. So I was slightly gutted, but I do still love this top and now I’ve lost a bit of weight, I don’t think it looks too bad. IMG_3956However I do know that whatever I wear on my bottom half has to be high waisted. Otherwise I’ll be showing a bit too much skin. Again a few things I love about this top on my right are.

  • The quality of the top, it doesn’t feel cheap
  • It’s slightly fitted
  • Long sleeves!! I love long sleeved tops.
  • I quite like the high neck it makes it look like I have boobs which is always good.
  • The price again, this top was only twelve pounds.

So for me this is the main top I’m not 100% sure on. I would love some feedback on them! Be honest I would rather know if I look ridiculous. I would also love to know your ideas on how to jazz them both up! What would you wear them with. Can’t wait to hear from you.