It’s okay to have anxiety


My friend recently said something which has stuck with me which was our generation has been through the most drastic changes any other generation has been through with regards to how we learn, or communicate with others. Growing up computers were only just becoming a thing, everyone will remember the dial-up tone and how every time your parents would answer the house phone you would lose your internet connection. However now, only a few years later, everyone in the world has a smartphone. I’m not saying this is bad but we have had to adapt so quickly to this new way of communication.

With all these changes, comes all the stress of making sure that you’re keeping up with everyone else. Social media sites are one of the worst triggers to cause someone that unnecessary stress. We are constantly posting our adventures and life changing events, for mainly our friends or loved ones, to see and comment. However, we are never really posting about the hard times or the times where we feel completely alone. Mainly because you don’t want to show anyone that you’re not excelling like everyone else.

We have all created this filter, only showing ourselves in the best light. Even when it comes to taking a picture, we now spend 20 minutes taking 300 pictures until we find the perfect one. Only to then filter the crap out of it, just so we can post it on social media to show everyone else. It’s crazy really!

What I’m trying to say is that we need to stop putting so much pressure on each other, everyone is different, however, we all crave the same thing, which is we all want to feel accepted. We all want to show that we are successful.

I have finally accepted help for my anxiety. I’m not afraid anymore of being honest. I haven’t dealt with this move very well. The last four months have been very difficult. I’ve mainly struggled with being alone in my own company. It’s easier when Ben is here obviously, but he has to go away for work. So I have had to learn to be completely independent in a new place on my own, which has been a massive shock to the system.

I guess thinking back I didn’t deal with the move to Norwich very well either. But when it came to moving back to Essex, it was a very sad time because we had to say goodbye to a life we had built up there together. In a weird way, I have to keep reminding myself,  I will eventually get used to being here, just like Norwich. I just have to get it the chance. I felt inspired today to share this with you.

The moral of this post is don’t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone and be brave.





2 thoughts on “It’s okay to have anxiety

  1. You need a glimps of my FB pages. Very young widows, children left with no dads. Not always gloom and doom but certainly none of them have a perfect life. You are doing well XXX


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