DIY Hair Remedies

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your Friday’s!! 

Today I thought I would talk to you about HAIR...

Since I had that moment of madness and chopped off my hair back in July.  At the time I thought it was the best idea in the world. I know all of you are going to be shaking your heads in frustration but I need my long hair back. I also refuse to buy hair extensions reasons being-

  1.  I can’t afford them
  2.  I look awful in them
  3. I actually lose more hair wearing them

So for fun and because it’s a lot cheaper I’ve been trying out a few DIY hair remedies. Tests show that healthy hair grows about half an inch every month. This means six inches a year. I’ve been experimenting for six weeks now, and I would say my hair has got at least 2 inches longer in that period of time. Which means an extra inch of hair, so I thought I would share some of these hair remedies with you.

Egg and Extra Virgin olive oil Mask  You will need two eggs and two tablespoon’s of olive oil into a jug, then mix it all together. Hang your head over the bath while pouring the mixture over your head, this will just prevent any mess. Then lightly massage into your hair and once your whole head is covered, wrap your hair in clingfilm. If you feel the clingfilm won’t be enough to hold it, pop an old towel around your head too. Leave on for about 20 minutes, then wash out until the water runs clear and continue to shampoo and rinse.


  • Almond Oil and Cinnamon Mask– This is a new one that I tried out this morning. Just a quick tip if you’re going to try it out yourself. I would highly recommend doing it over the bath, the cinnamon gets everywhere. I used a good handful on cinnamon and 4 tablespoons of almond oil just so the cinnamon would stick to the hair and scalp. Also if you have coloured hair be warned the mask will strip some of that colour out. After doing a little research according to powder is a natural hair growth stimulator. Due to its nutrients cinnamon helps restore and animate even the most brittle and dull hair. Also, it makes them grow much faster. So with that in mind, I’m going to keep using the Cinnamon powder and see what happens. I would recommend leaving this mask on for 20-30 minutes and rinse well before shampooing your hair.


  • Coconut Oil– I’ve always used Coconut Oil it’s such a multi-purpose product you can pretty much use it for everything, even teeth whitening. With the help of Youtube, the best way to use Coconut Oil is heating it up between your hands and then massage it into your scalp, massage for a good few minutes. Then you can either use clingfilm or a shower cap. It’s completely up to you how long you leave the oil in for, it can be up to 20 minutes or leave it in overnight. 


  • Caffeine Shampoo– My mum suggested this one to me a few weeks ago. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now, I like the smell and a little goes a long way.


  •   Juice Plus– I’m still taking my trusty two capsules a day, with a glass of water as this is good for hair & nail growth and weight loss. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know your favourite hair growth products or masks.


Lots of Love x


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