New Postcode!

Hello Everyone,

I think you can guess by the title what I’ll be writing about today, which is I no longer live in Essex.

I now live in Southampton. I know it’s quite a random choice of relocation. Ben had a new work opportunity so we decided together that we should seize the moment and go on this new adventure together.

I managed to get another transfer, I know, another one! But, in this case, I had a lot of positives which came from moving. We finally have our own place!!! Rented of course but still a cosy two bedroom house with a garden, all ours. With possibilities of a kitten!!

This also means we are now able to be a grown-up couple. As much as I love home and Ben’s parents taking care of us. It’s so nice to make our little house into a home. We recently had a few friends over and hosted breakfast and it was so nice to just be us and not have to worry about anything. We both are very house proud! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ben wash up as much as he does, and I do feel like I constantly have the Hoover in my hand, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I finally feel like we’ve got our life back! I know it must seem like I live my life through him sometimes, moving around to all these different places but it means we get to experience it all together.

In the first few weeks, working in my new store I been able to learn so much more.  I have also found I’m not as anxious, I did worry that I wouldn’t cope. Fortunately, I have even impressed myself with how well I’m actually doing. I did have a little meltdown the first week but I think Ben was expecting at least one meltdown. I had to face quite a lot of fears in such a short space of time. Motorways being one of them. I think one of the main reason’s for it being such a good transition was we have friends who live around the corner, so we have spent quite a lot time exploring our new surroundings with them.

So, now that I’m settled back into normality my blog posts will be going back to being a regular thing. I love writing them and sharing pretty much everything with you all.

I just hope I can keep you interested.







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