Handling Stress

Hello Lovelies,

After a week away from work to regroup and turn another year older. My first week back has been pretty positive. I’ve been organising my very sensitive head out. Don’t panic this Blog post isn’t going to be a feel sorry for me post. This post is an insight in to what’s been going on in my head. Plus I thought I’d be nice a share some of my positivity with you. So as I love bullet points so much, here are a few quite important tips that have been helping me turn my frown upside down.


  • Write down everything that is causing some unnecessary stress in your life right now whether that’s your job, possible friend or boyfriend drama, anything.


  •  Now focus on one problem at a time, you can’t fix everything in a day.


  • While you’re reflecting on your life problems, also remember you can’t control everything and everyone. Some things we have just got to try to ignore.


  • Be selfish sometimes! You work hard and if you want to treat yourself then do it!


  • Remember you can say No, don’t be a yes to everything kind of person, because as I’ve previously learnt, people will always take the mick.


  • Keep your goals realistic, don’t worry about your three-year plan or your five-year plan because chances are, it won’t turn out how you planned anyway.


  • Keep a positive circle of friends and family! Friends and Family are so important to me. I’ve always been close to my family and I’m so lucky in the sense, I have always made some amazing friends wherever I  go. So don’t be afraid to be yourself! You’ll make more good memories that way.


  • Exercise regularly  I can’t tell you how much just an hour a day has helped me not have a nervous break down. I’m not saying go every day, but even just going for a walk with a great playlist, makes all the difference to how your feeling.


  • Make sure you get time by yourself, not loads but even if you give yourself an hour or two. You have to be happy with your own company before you can move forward.


  • This is a big one, not everyone is going to like you! Sounds harsh I know, but to add further they’re also going to think you’re not good enough for anything or anyone too. However, this is how we are going to response to these people. DO ONE! we aren’t here to impress you and finish that with a big winning smile across your face.


  • Another very important one, There is never a time limit on your life choices! There also isn’t someone in the background controlling them. This is your life and you are the only person in control of it!


See full of positivity!  I hope this helps some of you in some kind of way or just made you giggle a little bit. I would also love to know some of your stress handling tips, so leave me a comment.


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