Disney Day!

Good evening Ladies and Gents now I have just got back from my first ever day over, yes I’m calling it a day over. When you were younger you would get to have sleepovers most weekends with your school friends. This usually involves eating a load of food, watching chick flicks or if your being brave, a horror film. Then because your young you stay up all night talking about random topics and fall in and out of sleep till 4am.


Now being in my mid twenties sleepovers now consist of getting very drunk,putting a load of make up while taking at least twenty selfies before you leave the house.Then dance until the early hours of the morning, stumble into the nearest dirty chicken shop to then walk home with my chicken in one hand and my heels in the other.


Due to working in retail I don’t get to do that very often because otherwise I end up going to work the next day feeling pretty rough and extremely hungover. So my friends and I decided why not have a girlie day watching our favourite Disney films in our Disney themed pj’s. Painting each others nails and eating a ton of junk food while also wearing tiara’s.Basically an out fashioned girlie sleepover but during the day.

So here is the things you need for the perfect day over.

  • Disney pj’s
  • Tiara’s 
  • Crisps, chocolate, pop corn, cookies or Easter eggs 
  • Breakfast,Lunch or Dinner (depending on what time your day starts)
  • Juice or fizzy or Tea/coffee
  • Disney DVD collection
  • Iphone for pictures
  • Face Masks (preferably peel off) so you don’t have to get up during a film.
  • A snuggle blanket

You can obviously do whatever you want at a day over but here are some of the things we got up to today.

  • Go shopping for supplies (Food,Face masks, Tiara’s)
  • Change in to pj’s and order Pizza
  • Deciding the first Disney film (Most crucial part of the day) we were able to watch three which were- The little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. 
  • Apply face masks
  • Sing along to all the songs
  • Get emotional for the intense scenes
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Paint Nails
  • Discuss Favourite Disney Characters
  • Laugh a lot
  • Eat a lot of Junk food

I hope you enjoyed reading about our Disney themed day as much as we did doing it and if you’re a Disney fan why not plan your own.





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