What’s in my make up bag!


Hello everyone,

I was looking through my blog posts today and I have never done a what’s in my make up bag. Which surprises me, as I have a lot of make up.

Over the past year I have gone from always high street and not really knowing anything about make up.

To now not being afraid to ask the silly questions and to ask my friends opinions on their favourite beauty essentials.

So in case you wanted to know mine, here is what’s in my make up bag right now.


  • Benefit Moisturize Triple Performing facial emulsion – I got this sample pot from my sister for Christmas and it’s so good on my skin. It leaves it feeling so soft and it’s a great base before applying my make up thank you Vanna! I’m definitely buying a big pot next month.
  • No7 beautifully matte foundation in the shade cool vanilla- This is the only foundation I will ever wear for the rest of my life it’s amazing! It’s my perfect match! Enough said! If you haven’t already, go in to boots and get matched up.
  • MAC studio fix Powder in shade NW20– This is new to my make up bag, but so far loving it.
  • MAC studio finish concealer in shade NW20- My confidence booster covers up any spots or uneven redness.
  • Revlon highlighting palette in the shade 030 Bronze Glow- Gives my face a bit more definition and a nice glow.
  • Urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray– My friend Hazel told me this needed to be in my make up bag and she was right. My make up lasts a lot longer now and it’s a lot healthier than spraying hairspray on to your face to get your make up to hold.


  • MAC in extreme dimension 3D black lash volume and curl mascara- my mum recently bought me this mascara and it is by far the best mascara I have used. Thank you mum!


  • Nickak New York 24 hour waterproof Eyeliner in the shade NYA41 Dark Brown.– I have been using this everyday since I got it in my February glossy box. I use it on my top and bottom water line, just to give my eyes a more smokey affect.
  • Revlon colour stay 16hour eye shadow palette in the shade 500 Addictive- In the bottom right corner, this is dark brown i use to fill in my eyebrows. It’s the only colour I have found that gives me a more natural brow, I can’t work with the pencils.


  • Rimmel Kate Moss in the shade 30 Rossetto Rouge– Top shade. I love this lipstick!  I’m always picking it up, especially for night’s out. Thank you Lorna for introducing me to it.
  • Chanel Lip Gloss in the shade 106 – Bottom shade. This truly was love at first sight! I didn’t go out looking for this lip gloss, I had orginally chose it for Hazel while she was having her make up done. It’s a gorgeous colour and I think it will be my go to lip gloss for the up coming season.


  • Elizabeth Arden New York  Eight hour cream- I used this on my hands,lips and dry patches on my face. I will forever rave on about this cream it’s amazing! It’s a little pricey but it lasts so long. I’ve always suffer with dry skin and this cream has completely fixed that.

To take off all my makeup I use- Garnier Micellar cleansing water for sensitive skin. – I’m really naughty when it comes to removing my make up. So I decided at the beginning of the year I was going to take better care of my skin. Once your old there really is no going back, the damage will be done so taking care of your skin now is essential. I have enjoyed using this product it’s not harsh on the skin, I feel clean afterwards and it doesn’t make my eyes sore which is a big tick box. Plus look at the size of this bottle I won’t need to buy anymore for a long time.


I hope you enjoyed this and I would love to know what’s in your make up bags right now.




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