25 Things I should thank my boyfriend for!



Valentine’s day shouldn’t be the only day we tell our significant others how much we love them and why we love them. However that being said I thought I’d use this time wisely to say a little thank you to my significant other.

Thank you for,

  1.  Always giving me that extra hour to get ready in the morning.
  2. Having pamper days with me and not moaning about it,personally  I think we do it so often now you secretly enjoy it. 
  3. Always making me laugh when I cry during films and wipe away my tears.
  4. Putting up with my ridiculous mood swings, at certain times of the month.
  5. Putting up with me going in to the same shops 3 or 4 times because I can’t decide which top I like more.
  6. Before we moved back home always cooking for us.
  7. Always being really polite to my friends.
  8. Treating my family as you would your own family.
  9. Making the effort to be more spontaneous with me.
  10. Playing with my hair when I have a headache.
  11. Talking to me while I’m in the bath.
  12. Listening to me have a major bitch fit and taking an interest.
  13. Letting me know if I have way to much make up on.
  14. Putting up with me talking in my sleep. 
  15. Always being super supportive if I’m having a low day.
  16. Always holding my hand in big crowds. 
  17. Always being supportive with pretty much everything I do or say I’m going to do.
  18. Always being the calm, laid back one in our relationship.
  19. Not getting mad at me every time I decide to be crazy obsessive about my weight.
  20. Always being the grown up when we go on holiday, especially at the airport. 
  21.  Never walking away from an argument. 
  22.  Always attempting to be romantic.
  23. Never getting mad after finding out how much I’ve spent on beauty supplies.
  24. Running around with me on Christmas day to make sure we have since all three sets of parents.
  25. Always telling me you love me everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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