Missguided Purchases

It’s my day off and I have essentially wasted the day waiting around for the postman. For some reason, I decided today I wasn’t going to leave the house, without having this parcel in my possession. I feel the main reason, as sad as it was, I wanted to go outside looking stylish in my new clothes. I say that’s sad, but I pretty sure everyone I know does it, they just don’t admit it. However now after running outside to attack the postman. I don’t think I’ll be going out it’s far too cold, and I don’t do cold.

So in stead I thought I would at least show you lovelies what I had bought. I would love to know what you think. As I said before I’m trying to be a little more adventurous with my clothes. I know strips aren’t exactly adventurous. But over time I want to be able to throw random outfits together that might work. In this case I bought these because you always need key pieces to make a nice outfit.

IMG_3954 (2)

I have an obsession with stripes right now and I’ve looked around everywhere mainly online, trying to find a striped styled top. This top also had to have long sleeves and could be dressed up or dressed down.

The tops I have bought are both from Missguided. Now this was a second chance for them, so they could redeem themselves. A few years ago I ordered a dress from them which had arrived with fake tan all over it. This time the items I had ordered were pristine so that was a good start.

Now for some of the main reasons I love this top on my left.

  • The stripes aren’t too thick
  • It doesn’t cling
  • The price! This top was only sixteen pounds.
  • I also love that because it’s quite a plain patterned top, I could be risky and pair it with some of my statement trousers.

Here I’ve just thrown it on with my Topshop high waisted skirt.


Next I know more stripes, Originally I thought this top was grey. So I was slightly gutted, but I do still love this top and now I’ve lost a bit of weight, I don’t think it looks too bad. IMG_3956However I do know that whatever I wear on my bottom half has to be high waisted. Otherwise I’ll be showing a bit too much skin. Again a few things I love about this top on my right are.

  • The quality of the top, it doesn’t feel cheap
  • It’s slightly fitted
  • Long sleeves!! I love long sleeved tops.
  • I quite like the high neck it makes it look like I have boobs which is always good.
  • The price again, this top was only twelve pounds.

So for me this is the main top I’m not 100% sure on. I would love some feedback on them! Be honest I would rather know if I look ridiculous. I would also love to know your ideas on how to jazz them both up! What would you wear them with. Can’t wait to hear from you.




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