New Year, New Stuff …

Yes that’s right I have already gone out and spent my Christmas Vouchers and bought a load of stuff.
My poor dad had to suffer with my must have’s for 2016 shopping list, I must say I think I was pretty good I stayed on track when it came to what shops I needed to go in and what I wanted in them.

1. I have been dying to try the Cup O Coffee Face and Body Mask from Lush. I have heard so many good things about grounded coffee being amazing for your skin, this mask is basically what it says on the tin. A shot of stimulating caffeine filled with exfoliating coffee grounds. Which means your face looks like you’ve had a cup of coffee. I couldn’t believe how clean,fresh and how awake I looked after using it. Now I know Lush can be pricey, but this huge tub of coffee goodness lasts until April. Plus everything in this product, is organic and not full of horrible chemicals which is always a positive. I’m just saying this to justify it to myself, more than anything. I’ve IMG_3721used it three times this week and as long as you moisture after using it you will see all the benefits.

2. Another Lush item I’m afraid but it was definitely a must have. Have you heard of a Shampoo Bar?. Now I hadn’t until October, I went in looking for my monthly treat of bath bomb purchases. My mum isn’t a massive fan, but we looked around anyway because you know me, any excuse to buy something new, for no reason at all. It sounds bad but I was put off buying them originally. There was a women trying to sell them to me but she didn’t really have the best hair and she said she used them all the time. So I did some research and found a few that had some amazing reviews. So I must of just caught that women on a bad hair day. I got NEW which is made with Cinnamon leaf oil, it’s IMG_3722apparently really good for hair growth. Honestly I’ve been using mine every time I’ve washed my hair and I have never seen my hair look and feel so good before. I’m a changed women that’s the only shampoo you’ll see me buying from now on.

3. A mini trip to Debenhams resulted in me leaving with a box full of sample sized Origins products. So let’s be honest I don’t have a massive budget for skincare and I saw this as my only option. I have always wanted to try Origins products but the price of just a moisturizer is just so excessive and I can’t afford that. So this box was originally £45 but I got it in the January sales so it was £23. In this box I gotIMG_3723
1. Energy Boosting Moisturizer
2. Rejuvenating Hand Treatment
3. Frothy Face Wash
4. Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion
5. Refreshing Eye Cream
6. Mineral-Enriched Renewal Night Cream
7. Active Charcoal Mask
8. A Cute Green Bag

I’ve been using most of them, but I don’t want to use everything up too quickly because it’s always nice having good quality skin care.

4. I also made my way over to the Urban Decay Counter and this time it wasn’t meant for me. One of my closest friends Hazel, was starting a new job. So I wanted to get her a little present and I also got myself something, but in my defence she had told me I had to buy it. Which is IMG_3724the All Nighter Make-up Setting Spray. I always find especially with my foundation that it doesn’t last long but I have noticed after having a hard day at work my make up still looks exactly as it did when I left the house that morning. So if your finding that with your make up give it a go.

5. This one is pretty sad I had to buy a new bag due to my gorgeous Ted Baker bag braking but luckily Accessiorize had some gorgeous bags, so it wasn’t hard to find a replacement. I know it’s not Ted Baker, but I needed to down size. I was clearing out my Ted Baker Bag and found about six different types of deodorant. Honestly I have no idea why. So in the end I picked up a gorgeous Teal and gold over the shoulder bag. It’s the perfect size and only fits the necessary items. So I can’t get any extra crap in there.

So it’s been a good start to the year so far.
I would also love to know your thoughts on my Blog and what you would like me to do more of.


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