20 Things I Need To Remember In 2016

This year was definitely a year I’m quite happy to see the back of, we had some pretty tough times, tough decisions were made. We also did have some great times and made some amazing memories.
I have been on some little adventures and now have quite an obsession with watching anything on Netflix.

So to start my 2016 on a positive note, here are just a few necessary points I must remember. Here it goes.

1. Be more observant
2. Don’t ever plan to far ahead ( things change)
3. It’s okay to buy new clothes as long as your going to throw the old stuff out first.
4. Be more spontaneous
5. continue to be brave and carry on wearing statement lipsticks.
6. Actually continue to be brave in every situation.
7. Make sure work doesn’t completely take over your life.
8. Continue putting a positive spin on pretty much everything.
9. Family time is very important
10. Just because people you know are getting married, getting pregnant and buying houses, This doesn’t mean your failing at life, it just means you can save, have amazing holidays and enjoy the finer things in life.
11. Drink a lot more water
12. Stay on track when it comes to exercising
13. This year I must start taking A-Z vitamins
14. Don’t cut in layers again.
15. Try not to be so naive this year
16. Watch what I eat
17. Not everyone is going to like you
18. Don’t underestimate what I can achieve
19. I’m definitely more of a cat person
20. I would like to make sure I travel somewhere I’ve never been before even if it’s not outside of the UK. I’d quite like to visit Brighton.

2016 is what we make it and I plan to make it happy and positive.

I wish you all good health, love and happiness. I also want to say thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog posts. It means more to me than you will ever know.



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