Glossy Box The Rose Gold Edit


This month’s Glossy box was taken over and created by the one and only Really Ree. Really Ree is a beauty blogger who is best known for her you tube channel. Ree has incorporated this seasons must have colour Rose gold with a mix of festive. I’ve had a good two weeks to try all of these lovely products so here’s what I thought of them.


IMG_3228Cheeky Chat me up Nail Paint: Retailing at £7 for a full size bottle.

The shade I received is called Disco Fever which does some up the colour pretty well. If anything it reminds me of a disco ball. A bottle full of glittery goodness. The brush is the perfect nail size so in one brush your whole nail is covered. I also loved how quickly the nail vanish dried, I get bored of waiting, so quick drying time is always a must have when it comes to nail vanish. I really liked this product it’s definitely a must have for this season.

Rating 5/5



Essence Liquid Lipstick: Retailing at £2.50 for a full size bottle.

Yes you read the right £2.50! It’s such a bargain! The colour everyone got is called Show off.

It looks like it would be quite a bold colour in the bottle. However it surprised meIMG_3399 how natural looking it is. It’s quite glossy but it’s perfect because it doesn’t really have that nasty sticky feeling that you get with most lip glossies. It might just be me but I think this could be used as more of a day lipstick than a night one.Rating 4/5

Hylamide Pore Delete: Retailing at £18 for a full size.

I received a sample size of this. I’ve been using it every day, Just so I could really see if it makes much of a difference. For me my main problem area is my chin! IMG_3231So that’s the only place I’ve been applying it. Just so I could see if the product works. In the last week it has cleared up, not completely but it’s definitely an improvement.

Rating 5/5




So Susan Statement Skin Highlighter Pencil: Retailing at £15 for a full sized pencil.

This has become my go to every morning, it lives in my handbag. It’s such an amazing colour on and off your face. The packaging is gorgeous and the shape of the highlighter works really well on your cheekbones. I’ve never been good at contouring but this product really helps and leaves such a beautiful golden glow across my cheeks.

Love Love Love!!

Rating 5/5

Etre Belle Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll On: Retailing at £30.66 for a full sized.



Lately with working in retail and with it being the run up to Christmas. I’ve been working a lot of hours so this small sample eye gel has been my life saver. It leaves my eyes looking hydrated and refreshed. It has a slight golden glow so when you apply it under your eyes. It leaves a beautiful golden affect making you look more awake then you actually are. It’s a definite must have.

Rating 5/5


This month as a Christmas treat everyone got a 6th product which was the Star Skin Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Mask. Retailing at £8.50.



After all the long hours and Christmas parties this really is a must have in your bathroom cupboard.

This mask is soaked in 30ml worth of Vitamin packed serum. This is suppose to restore and hydrate tried looking skin. So this week I decided to have a little pamper and thought this would be the perfect time, to try this mask out. When applying it, it does feel like a second skin it’s so sticky. I did end up forgetting I had it on at one point. However today my face feels really refreshed but I have had a bit of a breakout. Fingers crossed that in a few days I should be fresh faced.

Rating 5/5

Overall an amazing box! I’m a very happy Glossy Boxer.






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