Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

This year I decided I wanted to have a bit more of a special advent calendar. Although I IMG_3240was very lucky and got a Chocolate Advent bought for me. So on the hunt for my Advent Calendar, I decided to treat myself to a Yankee Candle one. As soon as I saw it while out shopping with a friend, I knew I needed to buy it there and then. At the time I was very lucky because they were on offer, so I got mine for eighteen pounds and they’re usually twenty five. So as you can imagine I was feeling pretty jammy after finding it.

Here is a few little snaps of my beautiful advent calendar, with just a few of the candles I have got so far. Obviously I had a lot more than just three, but with it being the build up to Christmas I just couldn’t help but light them! It just had to be done, So now my bedroom smell like Christmas. I also got a Beautiful ChristmasIMG_3241 hanging potpourri from my mum and it’s just amazing our room has never smelt so good.
So far I had two Cinnamon Stick, two Snowflake Cookie, two Christmas Memories  and two Christmas Garland.

All of them smell absolutely amazing. However my favourite so far is definitely the Christmas Garland, just because it smells just like a real Christmas tree. With that said I also love lighting the cinnamon Stick at the same time. The mixture of smells just makes our room smell like a Christmas Grotto.




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