New Haircut

This might not be a big deal to you, however for me this is the first proper haircut I have had in a very long time possibly three maybe even four years ago.  Here is why it’s a big deal to me.

I’ve been trying to grow my hair since I had a hair accident while I was training in college. One of my friends left the perm solution on my hair too long. This resulted in a ginger afro! Not a great look for me unfortunately.

For a little while I was in denial about the condition of my hair, mainly how damaged it actually was. This was until I worked at a hairdressers as a junior and the senior stylist advised me, I needed to cut the majority of my hair off! This was so I could grow the rest of the perm out and start fresh. It was also the only way I would ever have long, healthy hair again.

Now four years later I had the longest hair I have ever had and I have been having regular cuts and snipping away at the ends from time to time. However lately due to the weather and styling my hair a lot more with the tongs. My hair had gotten to a stage that it would be so hard to brush, the ends looked uneven and spilt. Personally just thought it was about time I needed another big cut and a new look. I’ve had the same style for quite a while now and it was beginning to bore me. I did think maybe a new colour but because I love having my hair so dark, the colour wasn’t exactly going to change much.

I did do some research before chopping off five inches of hair. I looked at styles on pinterest, instagram, I even looked in a few hair magazines. The only style I kind of liked was a grown out bob kind of cut. I also loved the idea of my hair all being one length so I used my hairdressing skills and decided to take the risk. It’s only hair after all and it will grow back.

The before


The After



I would love to know what you think.


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