What I would say to my Teenage Self!

Have you ever thought about what you would do differently if you could re-do your teenager years. Would you make the same choices or would you completely change your path?

I thought about some of the choices I made as a teenager and looking back these were some of the main ones that came to mind. If I could tell my teenage self anything it would be to follow these life lessons below.

  1. Try to stop obsessing over your weight, everyone has a different body shape to you. Plus if you work hard and exercise you won’t need to worry. A good start  would be to stop skipping PE.
  2. Please don’t eat Super Noodles! Eat fruit or Veg not cardboard noodles for every meal. They aren’t good for you and they are probably the main reason why you are chubby.
  3. Please stop straightening your fringe to the point that your hair is breaking off. It looks awful! 
  4. Don’t even think about putting that cigarette in your mouth! It’s not big and it’s not clever. It definitely doesn’t make you look cool. 
  5. Never dye your hair with a semi permanent red, it will completely stain your hair. So say good-bye to your natural hair colour!
  6. Pay Attention in school, you might not have any confidence now but you are intelligent.
  7. Learn to apply make up properly! The orange neck line is not a good look on anyone!
  8. Read more books! Books are good!
  9. Silly little boys who are mean to you + Huge phone bills = A Big Fat NO!! Don’t do it! It’s really not worth all the punishments you will receive. 
  10. Get a Hobby! 
  11. Learn to Drive Earlier! Your insurance will be a lot cheaper when your older. 
  12. Save more money! You don’t need half the crap you’ve bought. Quality not Quantity. 
  13. Last one Mean Girls will always be one of the best film you will ever watch as a teenager. Fact!
  14. Clip in hair extensions! NO NO NO! You will spend your last year of school covering up the bald spots you created because you over used them.

Obviously I don’t regret everything I did as a teenager, but I do feel like if I’d of had this list at thirteen and followed it. I think I would still been the same person just maybe a bit more successful. Sadly you can’t change the past, you can only learn from your mistakes and as they say the future is only what you make it.


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