Losing my MAC virginity

Yes you read my title correctly, I have never used Mac cosmetics before. Honestly I have always been a Mac lover from a far, and I know it’s a good brand because all you have to do is look at all these beautiful women in the world. Not forgetting all the Beauty bloggers, vloggers, celebrities, those faces are what sell the products. This is the problem, I don’t see myself as one of these women. So every time I have tried to go in to a Mac store, I always get super nervous and walk out of the shop with nothing, not even my dignity. Now you don’t have to tell how stupid I’m being because I do that already, but in the last month I have made a new friend.

My new friend is called Hazel, now Hazel is exactly like me expect she is bursting with make up knowledge. So yesterday we went on a girl’s shopping day out and I faced my fear because I had my amazing Mac guru with me. She held my hand through the whole thing, luckily the girl who served us was really nice and she advised me on the shade my face should be, but Hazel had already told me while we were waiting for an assistant. I brought two product now you can disagree but Hazel said these two products should always be in a girl’s make up bag. First was the Studio finish Concealer in the shade NW20. The second product was an Eye shadow in the colour Omega Matte. Which is also good for Contour or filling in your brows. So this morning when I started my make up routine I had a whole new range of stuff to try out. Sadly I did have to say good-bye to my too faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I have had this Mascara since April and it is now November so I thought it was time. Unfortunately I’m not made of money so I have had to settle with Maxfactor False Lash Effect, which is pretty good for a replacement.

I also had to buy this month’s Glamour because I’m a bit of a fan of Vlogger Tanya Burr and I’m also a lover of a good freebie. Did anyone else get the Clinique Lipstick, I was a bit uneasy but I seem to look okay in it. I’ve posted a picture so you can see my finish look so you can tell what you think.

IMG_2989  IMG_3007

Everything I used to create this look:

  1. Astral Face and Body Moisturiser
  2. Mac Eye Shadow in Omega Matte
  3. Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown
  4. Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW20
  5. Max factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black
  6. Clinique Lipstick in the colour Cherry Pop

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