Baking and Arcades

It’s half term and it doesn’t happen very often but Ben and I got to have some IMG_2907quality time with Ben’s little sister Molly. I made sure I set an alarm so we had a whole day, plus Molly is always awake at the crack of dawn. I then set a second alarm to wake up Ben,because he would never wake up otherwise. Unfortunately when we woke up this morning, the weather was awful. Also it being half term trying to find something to do is pretty difficult when the rest of Essex is trying to do the same. So we decided a trip to the supermarket to pick up supplies would be a good start.

Especially on rainy, cold days the best thing to do is a bit of baking and making warm drinks. So we picked up Hot chocolate, loads of decorations for our cakes and obviously some naughty treats. We decided being nearly Halloween, that was the perfect IMG_2911theme so here is the result.

The rain stopped finally and molly had decided she really wanted to go bowling. We did explain in the car that being half term, it IMG_2913would probably be very busy and we might not get to play. Molly was very understanding so as a compromise, we played in the arcades. We tried to win as many tickets as we could. Between us three we got around two hundred and forty-two tickets. So molly managed to get a few goodies to bring home. We ended up having lunch quite late because of how busy we were. So we asked Molly what she would like for lunch and without any hesitation she said KFC. I know it’s not the healthiest lunch in the world but like I said before it’s rare we get time with her just us three. Once we were home we thought a few games on Wii Sports doing bowling. It was much better at home in the comfort of our living room, the perfect way to finish off the day. Definitely having an early night tonight.


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