Back To Being Healthy

Since coming back from holiday I just can’t stop eating junk food. Obviously on holiday it’s okay, you work really hard to get your bikini body and then you go on holiday and completely ruin it by drinking sugary cocktails by the pool and having a dessert after every meal because it’s free. Before holiday I was doing so well; I was going to the gym four or even five times a week, whether that was before or after work, but I’ve only been once this week. Once! I just can’t get back in to it. I do have to give myself a bit of a break because the day of flying back to England Ben and I were unwell and even today I’m still not hundred percent and this started two weeks ago. So I’m starting my health kick now.

I seen a lot of people are getting in to the stop drinking in October, now I would stop drinking alcohol but I don’t really drink that much anyway. So I’m going to stop drinking fizzy drinks. I know its not really the same, but I will put my hands up and say I drink way to much fizzy, it’s not even the full fat stuff it’s mainly Diet coke. Which I know is just as bad so as of tomorrow I’m giving up fizzy. It will be really hard but it will be good for my teeth and probably help me lose the pounds I gained on holiday.

I also have learnt it doesn’t matter how much you work out if your diet is poor then it’s just a waste of time. I know it sounds bad but with Ben going off shore tomorrow, this is the perfect time to get back on the health kick. I’m not calling it a diet because it’s not, its a life style change. With boyfriends or girlfriends around we are all at fault, going out for lunches or a date night or two. So while he is away I’m going to change my eating habits and get back to the gym. I also believe it’s really good if you have mental health issues, I suffer with anxiety. Since moving back I’ve got a lot better at dealing with it, but when Ben is away it can get pretty bad and I find going to the gym really helps me. It takes my mind off some of the worries I might be having. Even if it is just an hour a day, once I have completed that hour I feel so much better and proud of myself for doing it. I know it sounds silly but it works for me.

I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to use my Blog to keep me motivated so I’m going to start adding some of the exercises I do at the gym. I’m also going to try eating clean. So if I make any decent smoothies I’ll let you know.

If I’m brave enough I’ll do before and after pictures so you can see my progress.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Back To Being Healthy

  1. Good for you, making a move to become more healthy! Positive lifestyle changes are, I think, the best thing you can do! Also, I feel like, unless I’m naive about how much people drink, giving up carbonated drinks would be more beneficial than alcohol? It seems like most of us could go through a lot of pop over the course of a week, without really realisng, whereas with alcohol you kind of know how much you’re consuming? I don’t know. Either way, good luck with your lifestyle change 🙂



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