Holiday shopping

On Thursday my mum and I actually got to spend some quality time together this doesn’t happen very often with work and life always getting in the way. So we used the time we got together wisely and made a complete day of it. We went shopping in Chelmsford,  grabbed a coffee and went for a bite to eat. In September I’m going on holiday with my dad’s side of the family, so my mum thought it would be a good idea to get me a few new bits. First we went in to Primark because it doesn’t matter who you are everyone loves a bargain. In primark I brought two dresses both the same style dress but in to different colours one white and one navy. image

My mum found a gorgeous play suit and picked it out for me. I also needed some new accessories so I picked up a flowery head band and some new sunnies. Originally I had started to walk past Topshop But as I love their clothes i thought  id glance at the shoes and ended up picking up two pairs. One pair are patterned white pumps and the other were gorgeous brown sandals with a little gold heel. So it was a perfect shopping trip and now I have most of my clothes sorted for holiday.

image image

Roll on September!!


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