My Glossy Box August Edition

IMG_2518Glossy Box are celebrating their fourth birthday and as a thank you they have sent out 5 different products from some of the top beauty suppliers around the world. Plus to make it even better four of the five products are full-sized.

  1. MeMeMe Lip Glide In Playful Peach Retailing at £6.95. I have received a full-sized lip crayon in a light coral. I will admit the second I opened the box I did have to apply it straight away its very soft on the lips, I also found it really re-hydrated my lips, it’s the perfect lip crayon for a day out or a romantic date.

2. Manna Kadar Lash Primer Retailing at £14.55. This US creamy gel is this summers must have for your lashes. Filled with Vitamin B12 this formula conditions your lashes whether you just apply after removing your make up or in your morning routine before applying your mascara for an enhanced final effect.

3. Emite Artist Colour Powder Blush Retailing at £20.59. In may glossy box asked Blush or Bronzer and the results were Blunzer. A combination of a Blusher and a Bronzer made by the Swedish brand Emite. According to the director of Glossy Box this blunzer adds warmth and also lightly contours your cheek bones.

4. Naobay Calming Face Toner Retailing at £10.65. This Spanish brand has created a citrus scented liquid toner. The toner works as a four in one, firstly a make up remover, a cleanser, a calmer and to hydrate the skin. Thanks to the added chamomile and Gotu Kola extracts it has become more than just a toner. Plus this toner is 99.13% Natural , So I’m very excited to see the effects it has on my skin.

5. SASS Purifying Cleanser Retailing at £7.00. I’ve used quite a few cleansers in my time, but I’m quite excited to try this one. With its PH balancing cleansing formula, it’s gentle on the skin and suppose to give a fresh feeling all day so looking forward to added this to my morning routine.

So that’s all the products from this month’s box, I’m still new to using bronzer so I’m looking forward to trying the Blunzer to see what it can do for my very pale complexion. I’ll let you know my thoughts in a few weeks.


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