Three new loves in my life…

1.My New Car

After three years of driving around in a run down old style Renault Clio.I decided IMG_2174it was about time to get myself a grown up car and get something half decent so it would last. So I brought a fourteen plate new style KA in the color Blush which is a maroon purple basically. When I first looked at my car in the Ford car garage it was love at first site and obviously I loved the one with all the gadgets because I’am a complete snob.

2. A love for fitness 

I’ve been in to fitness for the last year and a half, ever since my boyfriend and I went on holiday and I came back a stone heavier which is not acceptable. I brought myself an exercise bike and instead of sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself IMG_1360 (1)watching all my crappy television shows, I started cycling while watching them instead. Then as I pushed myself a bit more I started running which was amazing for me because I’m a depressive and once I get myself in to a rut it takes a lot of man power from anyone to get me out of it. So running was a big achievement, I started setting targets and pushing myself. I heard off road running can be quite dangerous for your knees and I did start to notice,so I gave myself a break and when we moved back home it was perfect timing because I got a free gym membership because my boyfriend works there. So now its my favourite thing to do I go to work,eat,gym and sleep. That’s all I do so by the time I go on holiday, I’ll be looking pretty good and this time will not be eating 5 to 6 adult portions a day and drinking my weight in cocktails, well maybe just a few.

3. My New Tattoo

Hannah came to sunny England for a visit this week, so everything was pushed aside to see her and her beautiful family. I got quite a lot of quality time with her IMG_2449which was perfect for us. We went out and had a brilliant girls night, drank a lot of wine and put the world to rights with our IMG_2446drunken slurs. Ending the night in a IMG_2463trampoline in my back garden giggling away like we were thirteen again. Then when I saw her again we decided we would make our friendship official by getting matching tattoos. However because this was very spontaneous we ran around Colchester, trying to get anyone to tattoo us. Finally we found a really nice tattooist in a very Gothic tattoo parlor. He couldn’t fit us in straight away but that was alright because it meant we could go off and get excited first. This means a lot to both of us and now every time I look down at my arm I think of my Bestie.


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