My Style Role Model..

1x01-aria-montgomery-14295620-1280-720We all have a role model that we wish we could resemble and feel the need to try everything we can to come close to looking similar to that person. We Color our hair, we change our make up style and even our fashion sense.

My Style role model is Lucy Hale. I know a lot of people have a mixed review on her but in my opinion I think she is beautiful and I would give anything to be that beautiful.  I also absolutely love the TV series Pretty little liars it’s by far my favourite television series. I regionally watch it every Wednesday morning on Netflix. I started watching it a few years ago when MTV first aired the show after the first episode I was completely hooked and I was so disappointed when MTV stopped airing it after just one season. Anyway I finally found it again on Netflix  a few years later and fell in love with it all over again. If you haven’t already heard of the show its about five teenager girls and unfortunately one of the girls goes missing. A year later everyone is told that they have found Alison the missing girl’s body under her house. On the afternoon of Alison’s funeral the rest of the four girls start receiving text messages from someone called A  who plays torment of they lives and blackmails them with all they dirty secrets. Apologies if I haven’t sold the programme very well but if you haven’t seen it then you should.

Anyway I have always thought Lucy Hale’s character Aria Montgomery was the prettiest one, I love all the outfits the show create for her character and most of my fashion choices are based on clothing I’ve since on the show. I know it sounds very childish to want to look like another person but I think its more to do with how confident she is and how whatever outfit Lucy wears, she owns it and she doesn’t just have one look. One day she could be wearing a casual grunge outfit and the next she could be wearing heels and leopard print skirt,the changes are endless.

Recently Lucy Hale has chopped off her dark locks and gone for a short bob and this is where I have drawn the line with my obsession with her. My Inspirational look is the image I have chosen above from season one, long dark locks with dark bold brows and not to over the top with her make up.


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