My first two weeks back at home…

In this time being home I have slowly settled in to my new transfer, which I’m not going to lie is a lot harder than I thought it would be. However I can already feel my work trousers getting loose, so all this running around must be doing me some good. The other positive I’m back working with a really good friend of mine and on our days off he still wants to spend time with me so I can’t be annoying him too much. Living with the in-laws has been going really well, I feel right at home and I love being around family again it’s so nice coming home and if I wanted to I can just pop round my mum’s for a cup of tea, or if I want to open up a bottle of wine and snuggle on the sofa and watch Eastenders or some crappy television programme I know that the rest of the family will have some too. I feel like it’s done the world of good for both me and my partner. We are both a bit more positive around everything and I feel like our luck has changed lately. My partner got his old job back which is great because now he is out of the house and has something to wake up for. He is so much happier and it means a free gym membership for him and myself, which is amazing and this week I have been going so much. We have decided we both need to be a lot healthier and this is supposed to be our prime time to be the best version of ourselves. So we are going to work together to make ourselves look amazing. In other news my mum had her Forty birthday this Sunday which we turned in to a weekend of eventsIMG_2091. On the Friday my mum and I went to London for a Essex girly night out with her oldest friend and her daughter. They booked a 3 course meal at the Brickyard Bar & Grill in Romford. Which also included 2 for 1 cocktails before 9 o clock, we got as many as we could carry. Then on the Sunday we went for a big family meal at the Colchester carvery it was so nice, I haven’t had a Sunday roast in such a long time and it was amazing food and great company. My mum got truly spoilt and she really does deserve it. Happy Birthday to my wonderful beautiful mum I really hope you had an incredible day.


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