June Glossy Box Review

It’s that time of the month again I’ve had a few weeks of trying out the Festival Edition Glossy Box so here is my opinion.
IMG_20011. Monu Spa Rosewood reviving Mist IMG_2078

This was one of the first products I tried out and I absolutely love the lemon zesty scent and once I sprayed the reviving mist on to my face, I really did feel refreshed since then this product has been living in my handbag because I have found it to be perfect for everyday use.

Rating 5/5

2.Glossy box Flash Tattoos 


Flash Tattoos haven’t really been a big deal even when I was little. I would buy them along with my pix a mix from the corner shop. However now these flash tattoos are back trending, except now they are a lot nicer and more of a fashion accessory. Here is myself and my assistant trying on a few but honestly, as much as the patterns and colors are beautiful the tattoos themselves aren’t fantastic quality, I would not wear them with bangles because even touching the tattoo it bunched up and stuck together.

Rating: 2/5IMG_2082

3.Halo Fragrance Free Facial Wipes Travel Size 

These wipes, as much as they are handy and are good for freshen up, I didn’t really see any difference when I compared them to a normal baby wipe. I understand that it is a travel pack and they are usually more expensive because your paying for convenience but honestly I found these wipes over priced for what they are.IMG_2077

Rating: 1/5

4. Kueshi Anti cellulite Booster 

I really do love Kueshi products, I received a toner made by them and I really enjoyed using it so when I first tried this anti-cellulite booster I wasn’t sure what to expect as I haven’t ever used anti-cellulite products before, because I always assumed moisturiser achieved the same thing. However when I used it I thought I would apply it to one of the backs of my bum/legs just to see the difference and honestly you could see a difference by just one application so I was really impressed and I’m going to save this for when we do get a few days of summers and the dresses and shorts come out.

IMG_2002 (2)Rating 5/5

5.Essence The Gel Nail Polish In the color Ever Young

I tried this nail polish on my day off and I really loved the color and how neat it came out on my nails, usually I would have most of the polish over the tips of my fingers but the brush is so light and easy to control I really enjoy using it and loved the finishing result.

Rating 5/5

Over all I did enjoy this box, I don’t really do festivals but I loved the idea of it and I now have a few new products that I will be buying again once I have finished with these ones.The tattoos were a bit of fun and the wipes are again handy to have in your bag in case of an emergency. So I was very happy and can’t wait for my next month’s box.


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