End of the Norwich Chapter

So this week has been pretty stressful last-minute packing, having leavinIMG_2047g drinks with some of the most amazing people I have ever met and now have the pleasure of calling my friends. They really gave me a proper send off which did result in me having an extremely sore head and a combination of alcohol and sick down one of my favorite white blouses.  Then two days later had a small girl’s night which did result in us buying every cocktail pitcher of the weather spoons cocktail list and at half eleven sitting in Donald’s with a Big Mac.  I feel like the idea of leaving Norwich was more upsetting then actually doing it because my partner and I did both decided it was the best decision for both of us. Plus all the friends I have made in Norwich are definitely worth keeping in contact with so I wasn’t really saying good-bye more like see you lot next month.

Between working, packing and driving back and forth to Norwich and Essex with full car loads. My mum and I had booked a Spa day at Clarice house in Colchester, Essex which if you haven’t ever been you definitely should, it was so nice there. My mum originally brought it for my birthday back in April but the earliest we could book our spa day was June. So the package we got included three treatments which IMG_2068were a facial, back,neck and shoulder massage and a choice of a manicure or a pedicure. I chose a pedicure because for work we are not allowed nail polish. The package also included complete use of the other facilities such as the fitness pool, the hydro pool and the stream and sauna rooms. We also got a two course meal for lunch which was lovely, great service and amazing food. IIMG_2071exactly what I needed, throughout the day I just kept thinking about how relaxed I felt and calm which I haven’t felt like that in such a long time. My mum and I both agreed it’s now going to become an annual tradition, plus we don’t get a lot of time together so it’s a perfect way to spend time together and be pampered at the same time.

Clarice house are known for using O.P.I Nail Polish but I didn’t realise O.P.I sell body moisturisers as well so while I was there I decided to try all the samples out. Out of the four there were two with I absolutely loved so I brought two small bottles of the Coconut Melon and a big bottle of the Violet Orchid. The moisturiser is so nice on your skin and when it says twenty-four hour moisture, it really does leave your skin feeling and smelling amazing.IMG_2070

The smells are incredible the coconut scent just reminds me of that holiday smell, laying on the beach, the sand between your toes and all you can hear is the waves. Then again it could just be the smell of sun cream. The violet scent reminds me of a hot summer’s day  and the smell of fresh flowers colliding with the breeze so it’s all you can smell around you.

So today we have completely unpacked our cars and everything in our new room and are now feeling pretty settled in, all my uniform is ready for my first day tomorrow. So i’m feeling pretty positive about everything right now let’s hope it stays that way.


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