Be true to yourself

When your little and naive, the world seems so big and full of exciting adventures, you’re so full of extraordinary dreams like become a vet, or an astronaut. All the friends you make in nursery grow up with you. You all go through the same challenges such as learning to write sentences and building confidence to read in front of a whole classroom. Our parents have and always will tell us to be ourselves, never be a sheep and we forget that everything you are experiencing, they to have been there and experienced it to. I remember growing up I didn’t have a lot of hair in fact, only now since hitting my twenties all of a sudden I have loads, but back then it was short,a dull mousey brown and my eyebrows were basically not existent. So I wasn’t one of the pretty girls at school. However that never stopped me being very bubbly and chatty, my mum said when I was very little, I used to sit on our balcony of our little flat and say hello to everyone I saw and to this day I still do that now. I will talk to literally anyone.

I have been told that when you first meet me, a lot of people can’t understand why I’m so cheery and bubbly. Apparently it looks like I’m coming across fake but then they get to know me, then they realise I’m as genuine as they come. When you get to a certain age you start to realise that people will come and go out of your life, sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes it feels like the worst thing in the world. I myself have had this happen a few times in my life, people who I thought were amazing friends turn out to be bullies, bullies who enjoy knocking your confidence till you question everything about yourself. The worst thing is you don’t never notice that they have been doing the whole time you’ve been friends. Telling you your stupid, or telling you your outfit is ridiculous so you feel insecure. However as I’ve got older, I have had to grow up and see these so-called friends in they true form and if you haven’t already figured this out for yourselves than I’m going to share my conclusion with you. The friends that hurt you and constantly fault you are not your friends, to them you are a pushover, someone who they insult to make themselves feel better about they pathetic excuse of a life. Those people are jealous of you! Now I understand that you can’t just ignore these types of people because unfortunately they are everywhere but the most important thing is to be yourself and defend yourself. Never fall in to the sheep category like so many people do. Be true to yourself and always be extraordinary.


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