Day and Night look with Urban Decay Naked Range

If you haven’t already guessed it, I do love trying and buying make up products. It doesn’t matter what it is, if I’ve since it on the television or on a celebrity chances are if I haven’t bought it already, it will be on the purchase after pay-day wish list. I feel like I hold my friend Hannah responsible for the reason I even started using Urban Decay Products. I was in House of Fraser looking for her birthday presents and at the time she was telling me I had to buy one of their eye shadow palettes, so I browsed over to the counter to look at this palette. Before I could say anything one of the sales assistants had asked me if I wanted a make over, to make myself feel better about it I’ll say she must have been bored or she saw my face and IMG_1560thought I was in dire need of a make over. Anyway she had used the Naked On The Run Kit which was one of their new lines it contained mascara, black eye liner, lip gloss, five different colored eye shadows, blusher, bronzer and a highlighter. Everything you would need in to one retailing at £37 pounds.

This was the end result of my makeover.

I really loved the finishing look, it was definitely the best make over I have had by far, I had quite a lot of make up on and it didn’t look caked on. So with that in mind I had to buy it.

So with all of the Urban decay Products I own I thought I would show you a natural day look and a classic night look.

My Day LookIMG_1971

Mainly for my day look I used pretty much everything in the  Naked On The Run Kit expect eye shadow.

To Start I don’t apply make up like your suppose to due to the fact I’m so messy, there is usually mascara half way down my face. I usually end up taking off most of my foundation with it, so I always start with my eye make up before my concealer or foundation because other wise it’s just wasteful especially if your paying out for the good stuff.

IMG_1555So here I’ve used the eye liner across my eyelid to give myself a cat flick finish, I always think it makes my eyes stand out more. The mascara I’m wearing is Perversion I do find with this mascara you do need to layer it on to get a fuller look. Now the eyes are done I focused on my face so here I used Naked Skin Complete Coverage Concealer In the shade Fair Neutral just to cover redness and a few beautiful spots. I continued with using the smallest dab of blusher and mixed it with the bronzer, to finish I used the lip gloss as you can see it’s quite a natural looking gloss.


My Night Look

For my birthday my mum treated me to the Naked 3 Eye shadow Palette retailing around £38 pounds, but it’s totally worth it a different eye shadow for every occasion. Because I have hazel eyes I have found golds, purples and browns are the only colors which work for me. The eye shadow I used here is called Black heart and unfortunately I haven’t purchased a lip stick from Urban Decay yet but I’m sure I will soon so here I used my Favorite lipstick by Revlon Color Stay in the shade 035.

If you haven’t try any of these products before go in your local Debenhams or House of Fraser and ask to try them for yourself. The sales assistants are happy to do it. Plus you never know you might be like me and treat yourself to something.


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