Five ways to keep yourself sane

So sometimes when our lives get too complicated and stressful, we have to tell ourselves to step back and remain calm. However it’s all well and good saying it but can anyone actually do it. For me I find it really hard to deal with my problems, I got better as I’ve got older but I have a few ways that keep me calm and relaxed while dealing with day-to-day dramas. So I thought I would share them and see if you agree.

1. Have a bath

After a long and stressful day when the last thing you want to do is cook or IMG_1855exercise. I usually end up running a bath. Since moving out and having my own bathroom, I started treating myself to Lush bath bombs. If you haven’t ever used one then you need to be getting to your local lush and purchasing one. I love popping one of these in my bath you smell and feel amazing after. This definitely helps towards getting me relaxed and feeling less stressed out.

2. Applying a face mask

So after my bath once you’re in fresh pj’s and nearly ready for bed. I apply a face mask depending on how my skin is, if my skin is quite spotty and red I use Boots tea tree peel off face mask. This mask smells so fresh and once its dry it’s so much fun to peel off it feels like your taken a layer of skin off like a snake’s skin. I love how refreshed you feel once you’ve finished. I did have a picture to show but I didn’t realize how blurry it was.

3. Treat myself to a bit of pampering

This part all depends how much time you have, if your like me in my job I’m IMG_0792not allowed to wear any nail polish so giving myself a manicure is pretty much a waste of time unless I’m on holiday. However on my day off I allow myself an hour of free time to treat myself to a pedicure. While doing my pedicure I feel so relaxed because it’s the only thing I’m thinking about and I really enjoy doing it.

4. Chat to a friend

Everyone needs someone to talk to,  by talk I mean vent or cry hysterically or even just have a good old-fashioned bitch about your problems. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or a family member. I’m pretty greedy I talk to all of them but it’s who ever you feel comfortable with. I’m a lot closer with family IMG_0960than I am with friends but again I’m quite lucky as my parents are young only just hitting their forties. So making a cup of tea or hot chocolate and having a good rant always reliefs built up issues which once you’ve said them out loud might not sound as bad as you seemed

5. Snuggle up in bed with Netflix

My final suggestion is once you have finished doing everything you need to do.  Get your Pj’s on if you haven’t already realized I love wearing Pj’s more than normal clothes. Find the chocolate you hide it the fridge, then climb in to bed, for maximum comfort make sure your sheets are freshly washed. Next turn Netflix on and get watching nothing too sad or scary, just something nice and easy to watch like a click flick or a comedy.


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