Five places I love…

I haven’t been to many places in the world but these are my Favourite places so far and I hope I get to visit all of them in my lifetime.


  1. New York City

New York City is my favourite place on earth,For my twenty-first birthday my mum booked a long four-day weekend for just us two. It was exactly how I imagine it would be, every building, skyscraper even Broadway. I felt like I was in my own film exploring New York City, I have never felt so content before I remember standing at the entrance of Central Park and I turned around to mum and said I could die now I’m completely happy. Four days definitely wasn’t long enough but this summer as Hannah only lives two hours away we are going to go have a girlie day of shopping and exploring.


2. Ireland

I haven’t ever had the chance to visit but I have heard so many amazing things about it. The idea of walking around embracing the sites and greenery and then finishing the day off in an old fashion Irish pub sounds like bliss.


3. Paris, France

I’m a bit of a Romantic and for me Paris is known for two things Fashion and Love and I’m a sucker for both. I have always said to my partner I would love us to go see the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Damn and Lovers Bridge. If you haven’t heard of Lovers Bridge it’s where you go to lock a key chain on to the bridge with your lovers and throw the key in the river as a sign of eternal devotion.


4. Ibiza 

It was mine and my partner’s first holiday,we went on a week all-inclusive in Playa de Bossa. It was amazing cocktails at the pool, shopping in the old town, we also went on a boat trip to see the whole of the island. It was beautiful we even got to witness a wedding proposal and see dolphins swimming around the boat.  It was perfect we did both come home a stone heavier but it was totally worth it.


5. Norwich

Norwich is such a lovely place to live, there is always something to do whether that’s shopping, a great night out, going out for coffee and cake or making our families come up to visit. The city always has something going on this weekend is Radio 1’s big weekend so the whole of Norwich is going to be packed with people coming to enjoy the Festival.


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