Hello World..

This is my first post on my very own blog, I’ve always thought about writing one but never had the confidence or the time. However the last few months it’s the only thing I have thought about and there is no point looking back on your life and thinking I wish I had.

I am a young woman in her early 20’s still trying to find her purpose in life. I did everything I was supposed to do, I studied the best I could in secondary school but still had fun with friends. Went to college and studied what I thought, at the time, was going to be my dream job – I was going to be this fantastic Hairdresser like Nicky Clarke or someone who worked for Toni and Guy. Those Strong, beautiful people who you trust 100% with your lovely locks of hair and chat about the weather – that was going to be me. I had completed my NVQ 2 and had been accepted to do my NVQ 3, any girl would be over the moon, but not me I felt like I needed to learn how to work in an actual salon, not a pretend one which you are covered if anything were to happen. So I went out to the big wide world with my new skills and qualification in search on a salon job. Luckily I knew someone who was opening up a salon, who needed a junior stylist and as I had also been accepted for a place at EASI hair academy  everything was falling in to place. Sadly not everything works out and my junior stylist position ended up being a hair washer and cleaner. I wasn’t allowed to do anything and every time I went to study at the academy hoping to still be able to practice these amazing new skills I had leant, they would say I should be practising in the salon. In the end I asked to leave the salon and the academy as the stress of failing and the frustration of my talent being wasted made me quite depressed and I took comfort in eating my feeling. Everything had got a bit too much and if you knew me, then you would know I don’t handle stress very well.

So after that I picked myself back up and starting cutting my family and friends hair just for fun, it was perfect, it was my new hobby and it fit around my new job and with my partner away at university, it kept me super busy. I got to do this for about two years and then my partner had asked me to make a big decision to move away from my friends and family and move in with him in a beautiful city called Norwich in Norfolk.

We have now lived in Norwich for about 16 months and I love it, it really was the best decision I have ever made. However I had to leave my hairdressing hobby behind as well as all my clients and as sad as it was, I feel like it was meant to happen and now is the time to find something I would love to do. whether that’s yoga in Chapel field Gardens or going to gigs at the University of East Anglia.   Norwich is such a beautiful city full of inspiring people and places so fingers crossed I find what I’m searching for here.


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